DIY T-shirt & Craft Print Hobby Kit – Suitable for DIY at home or school with Kids

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Do you consider yourself “crafty”?

Are you eager to discover new methods for creating one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family, and customers?

Do you want to make a shirt with your kids together for Family fun?

Do you want to impress handwork education to your students?


This is the right package for you. With the Magic infusible ink pens, you are able to bring hand-drawn designs to life on white/light-colored polyester apparel, fabric, ceramic, and other poly-coated surfaces.

Artists and makers can transform their artwork into wearables and decorative pieces with just a heat press and a little imagination!


Our DIY T-shirt & craft printing do not require a special sublimation printer or chemicals! No fussing with liquid emulsion either.

It is perfect for children and parents to work together to make a T-shirt.

Drawing or colouring the picture by kids, parents or Teachers does the transfer.  

Now you can make personalized printing such as T-shirts, Jigsaw, mousepads, and more sublimation flat products permanently with your kids.

Kit Includes:

(1) – A4 size Mini Heat press machine

(2) – Magic infusible ink pens (12 pens in a pack, total 2 packs )

(3) – 5 white Polyester T-shirts (2 adults and 3 kids)

(4) – 2 of Mouse pad

(5) – 5 of blank jigsaws

(6) – 5 sheets A4 size colouring pictures for kids.

(7) – 50 sheets A4 size blank transfer papers

(8) – 5 sheets A3 size parchment paper

(9) – Heat-resistant tape.


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