Cricut HTV Hologram vinyl-MHO062- Gold – Size10″ x 20″ (25 cm x 50 cm)

$5.90 + GST


Price is for 1 roll 10″ x 20″ (25 cm width x 50 cm length)

Our heat transfer vinyl can be used on Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and all types of vinyl Cutters.

Hologram heat transfer vinyl is used to create shimmering rainbow colour effects through movement when wearing garments with holographic images. Our Hologram heat transfer vinyl is a perfect product for eye-catching and vibrant designs.


Material Specifications

  • Thickness: 80 microns/0.08 mm
  • PET backing film: 100 Microns /0.1 mm

Heat press setting:

  • Temperature: 150 to 160 degrees
  • Time: 8 to 12 seconds
  • Peel: cold peel

Iron-On setting:

For household iron, use the Wool setting. Make sure the steam setting is OFF. Preheat the application area of your base material for 10-15 seconds. Place the weeded image, liner side up, onto the preheated material. Place the iron directly onto the liner with medium pressure, moving the iron continually in a slow circular motion over the entire image for 50 seconds. Flip the material over and apply medium pressure with the iron in a circular motion for an additional 50 seconds. Use a cool peel to remove the liner.

Please Note:

we will send separate pieces of 25cm x 50cm for more quantity orders.

For standard size 50 cm width garment vinyl, please click HERE