T522 EcoTank Premium Dye Sublimation ink bottle -With drip-free nozzle and resealable cap for easy storage and refilling

$85.00$340.00 + GST

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Check out our latest T522 EcoTank Premium dye sublimation ink bottles.

It comes with an original drip-free nozzle which you can fill the ink same as a normal T522 ink bottle.

It is as easy as the normal printer and you can do sublimation printing with our new ink NOW.


Our sublimation ink bottle Compatible With:

EcoTank ET-4700, EcoTank ET-2710, EcoTank ET-1110, EcoTank ET-2720, EcoTank ET-2820, EcoTank ET-2810, EcoTank ET-1810


Price for one bottle only,  For New printer, you need all 4 colour bottles.