Heating element- Silicone Mug Heating Wrap / Long Version Heat Pad ( For 2 of 11oz) for mug press machine

$169.00 + GST

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Silicone mug heating wrap is used for standard size 11oz mug attachment with our 4 in 1 mug heat press machine only.
We can’t guarantee this part is compatible with other mug press machines as the wrong part may blow up the mug press machine.
Price for 1 only.
For the double heating wrap, you have to make sure to always put two mugs at the same time, If you just do one, then put an empty one on another side.
Otherwise, the heating wrap will be bubbled by heating and it reduced the lifetime.
we normally use this mug wrap for longer products such as our cola shape bottle or stainless steel water bottle. please use our standard mug wrap for 11 oz mugs.  
The Heating element- Silicone Mug Heating Wrap is consumable, lifetime depends on usage. Please do not leave it heating without a mug for a longer lifetime.
If you have any questions about it, please contact us by email: [email protected]

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