Heat Press Pillows – For Longer Lasting Heat Transfers -40cm x 50cm

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What is a heat press pillow?

Using a heat press pillow will help you to complete a better heat transfer – especially when you’re pressing over lumpy & bumpy garments.

What are heat press pillows used for?

They are used for creating a flat and even surface for applying for heat transfers.

For example, if you are pressing a logo made from heat transfer vinyl onto the chest of a button-down shirt, the buttons will create an uneven surface. When you bring the heat press down, the pressure will not be even because the buttons raise it up slightly. BUT, if you slip a heat press pillow under (or inside) the shirt, the button will be pressed down into the foam of the pillow, and you will be left with an even surface.

When should you use a heat press pillow?

Use a Teflon pillow if you are applying for heat transfers on garments with:

  • zippers
  • buttons
  • snaps or domes
  • seams
  • hoodies
  • fabric overlaps
  • embroidery

Also, you can use a Teflon heat pillow when you are pressing vinyl onto both sides of a garment. This will stop the two transfers from sticking together.


Size: 40 x 50CM


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