MPVC202 – White – PVC premium garment vinyl – 500mm width

$8.90 + GST

PVC is 180 microns which is thicker the PU. It is excellent and suitable for a large lettering or number figures which are easy for cutting and weeding. PVC is less expensive than PU which is a good solution for your customers with tight budgets.

Our PVC premium garment vinyl is NO CRACKING, NO FADING.

PVC Heat Transfer Film is matte finish, shine free PVC material-based heat transfer vinyl. PVC also gives great versatility and the ability to imitate almost any look, affording beautiful patterns, prints, textures, hand, and body.


How to use:

  • Cut your media in reverse order using a cutting plotter.
  • Weed the excess or the unneeded part of media.
  • Place your design onto target materials like a shirt.
  • Set Heat Press Machine with the temperature of 150°C – 160°C.
  • Press it for 8– 10 seconds.
  • Cold peel.