New Arrival / Limited stock / T-shirt HTV vinyl -Glow in the dark-MGGD215-Glitter Yellow

$20.00 + GST

Glow in the dark GLITTER is here!
We have Green, Orange, Yellow, Aqua, White, Hot Pink & Pink in stock.
All seven glow different shades of GREEN in the dark.
Price is for 500mm width x 500mm length, Yellow Colour.

Temp: 150 degrees
Time: 10-15 seconds

The Glow needs to be charged, but this can be done quickly by placing your item under a light for around 10 minutes – then you’re set for up to 12 hours of Glow! Otherwise, simply hang your item in a light area for the day, and let nature do its thing- but DON’T leave it in the hot sun!
Please Note: If purchasing multiple meters of one colour, for example, you want to purchase 2 meters, then you choose quantity 4, and the length will be a FULL 2 meters, not cut separately, The benefit to having full rolls is to reduce wastage for customers through having fewer off-cuts, and also it makes it easier when using wide format cutters.

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