Best-Selling Product-Magictransfer Laser Light transfer paper

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Magictransfer Laser Light Transfer paper is suitable for the new generation of color copiers and color laser printers with a higher fusing temperature!

Weight: 145 g/m²

Printable materials: Textiles or materials with textile surfaces

Time, Temperature, pressure and peel.

Set up machine: 185 degreee, 15 to 30 seconds

Print on glossy side, Mirror print.

You can either cut the contour or leave the background, after transfer, the picture will have very light transparent glue layer on T-shirt which is also acceptable.

Preheat to 3 to 5 seonds to make the fabric flat. Make sure no dirty fleece on T-shirt, otherwise, the dirty fleece will transfer on T-shirt as well.

Hot peel smoothly.

another 10 seconds with Teflon sheet to fix and make graphic more stable.

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