Signage -White Magnetic Sheet (620mm x 500mm)

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Our 620mm x 500mm White Magnetic Sheet has a width of 620mm, a length of 500mm and a thickness of 0.85mm. One side is a White colour with a glossy PVC coating. This product comes in single pre-cut sheets and is not re-writable leaving a ghost of what was erased.

Our magnetic sheeting is so easy to use, just use a handy pair of scissors or a Stanley knife to cut the strip down to size and apply to any ferrous surface. You can even put this magnetic sheeting through a guillotine to make a clean straight cut.

It is ideal for Fridge magnets, machine label, magnets business card etc. 

We do not advise that you use this on vehicles or other sensitive areas.

This sheet will cause abrasion damage to such sensitive areas. As a result, we only recommend that you use our car Magnetic sheet and check the link below for more details.


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